Red and Green

In the time it took for your barista to make your drink, roll her eyes, and write out “Merry Christmas” fourteen children died.

If Jesus walked the earth today I think he would be far too busy healing the sick, reaching out to the poor, and counseling the hopeless to give a damn what color cup our overpriced coffee comes in.

Rethink what offends you. Poverty, sickness, senseless death, and overfed, excessive self-righteous bickering in the face of all these things is what offended him.

If you want to keep Christ in Christmas: donate. That’s what he did while he was here. He gave. Lattes are irrelevant. Go donate some clothes and gifts to kids in need. Give presents to children in foster care. Give blankets to the homeless. Work a soup kitchen.The only one that you can blame for not keeping Christ in Christmas is yourself, because that’s the gift that is required to keep him here.


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