The Distinctions Between Selfishness and Self Love

A GREAT write from my partner on self love and why it’s ok (and needed)

World of Wordcraft

One of the first lessons we are taught as children is the one referred to as “The Golden Rule.” Many beliefs hold to the principle that we are expected to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Speaking for myself personally, I have found it difficult for a good number of years to find a proper balance of self love in my own life.

I have the most amazing partner in my life. She has always seen the best in me, and helps me to discover the man she sees daily. She also gets to see my faults though, and often points out (rightly) that I am not as kind to myself as to others. I will be the one to look at a bad situation going on around me, and look to take the responsibility to make it better. Often I take this effort too far…

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