Waiting For Easter: A Eulogy For Jesus

I am a Unitarian Universalist still deeply inspired by Christ. This brought me to tears.

john pavlovitz


Someone recently said that I seem angry lately, that my writing has become decidedly negative, my demeanor abrasive and combative.
(What a stupid jerk.)

For a split second I thought that he might be right, but realized almost immediately what was happening. He had indeed recognized my symptoms accurately; it was the cause that he didn’t or couldn’t understand, because it’s the kind of thing you can’t easily tell from a distance.

My well-meaning friend didn’t realize that in me, he was dealing with someone grieving deeply.

Anger and grief look a lot alike from the outside. They both feel similar when you’re on the receiving end.

That’s what’s been going on here in my heart for a long time; a grieving.

That’s what this faith walk has felt like lately: a funeral for a friend.

I, and so many others like me, are mourning a tremendous loss; one so profound and so disorienting that it’s…

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