Recently my boyfriend wrote the following poem:

Relatividentity Crisis

I am unsure

if the greater torment

is the feeling of emptiness

at being dismissed for all

which comprises who I am,

Or the feeling

as if I am both suffocating alone in space

and being crushed

under the infinite weightlessness

of everything I am not.

These words resonated with me, as someone that often feels defined by my failures. Often we feel, as my coworker put it, that “wherever we are we are in the wrong place.” Whatever we are we have become the wrong thing. However we live, we are doing it the wrong way. Our deepest insecurities, our greatest fears feel played out on a projector screen for all the world to see. Our identity, who we are and who we aren’t, everything we have strove to become and all that we have yet to reach, often feels scrutinized by everyone from our closest friends to the person checking out in line behind us. Yet so often, we fail to realize that they feel as scrutinized by us.

What would our world look like if we allowed ourselves to embrace our own identity, to love ourself fearlessly and with full resolve. How can you take the first step toward self-acceptance today? How can you give that acceptance to others.


5 thoughts on “Identity

  1. I think self expression, as exemplified by your boyfriend’s powerful poem (I may just have to riff on that in one of my own), is a very important way to find self-acceptance and offer it to others simultaneously. I don’t know if he finds this to be the case when he writes, but I always write for myself as much as for an audience. I figure, if my writing helps me understand and accept myself a little more, surely it must be able of doing the same for at least one other person out there.


    1. Absolutely. I think we are so often our first audience. I know Matt seeks to inspire through his words, to make a difference in someones struggles, so he will be happy to know you were so inspired by it.

      For me, writing is often therapeutic.


  2. Do you know what it does to me, to know that, as much as your writing and who you are as a person have always inspired me, … that I can do the same for you? That we share the same passions for writing, and for love, and for each other. You honor me, with this. Intentionally, consciously or not, you do. And with your acceptance, love, and encouragement to become the better man you see in me everyday.

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