In the Beginning

I am not a Christian. I am an ex-Christian. I am still inspired by that faith, but not defined by it, yet at times I feel wounded by it, contained by it, erased by it. This blog is the story of a journey against disenchantment, but not against doubt. A fight against cynicism, but never skepticism. A journey to a faith of my own.

I am a poet, a debater, and a quirky humorist; I am sure all three will have residence here. My vision is that this will be a place to share our faiths and our fears, a place to embark on that one great quest for meaning, to follow our path, even while the world says we are lost.



8 thoughts on “In the Beginning

  1. I feel this has the potential to be a great site and one I frequent. I love where you are coming from because I feel strikingly similar in my own growing understanding of faith, belief, and what that means. I subscribe to no other religion than love. Christ’s message has very similar themes to what I’m about. I’m excited to learn more about your views and see how you grow this blog.

    Thank you for finding my site so I could find my way to yours.


    1. “I subscribe to no other religion than love” That is THE faith, I believe. The common thread that unites them all. Faith should move us to a compassion for others, a desire to better the world. I believe that. Your comment has definitely inspired me. Also, what I’ve seen of your art is amazing.


      1. Yes. Yes! YES! Love is the ultimate connector. No matter what side of a debate you find yourself on, there is always love of something. If everyone is loving something, why is anyone hating any thing?

        I’m glad I could inspire you. I spend my days lost in my bipolar haze. I feel so wrapped up in myself all the time, it is a good feeling to know I can help others when I’m struggling to help myself. And thank you for liking my art. Those compliments touch my soul because my work is 100% unadulterated me. Which can be kind of scary for most. Any positive reinforcement I head, I gobble up like candy.

        I am going to work on a post to respond to your conversation starter tomorrow morning. Or tonight if I fail to get some sleep. Or the next day, because sometimes I just can’t make myself write. Regardless, I’m really motivated to dig as deeply into your views as I can. I feel like they are going to be wonderfully synergistic with my own. Which is a positive for my bipolar mania. šŸ™‚


      2. Thank you so much. Really. I am touched by your positivity, your motivation, and your desire to learn more about my faith, which is something I have pushed down for so long and am now eager to share.


      3. How interesting that you have suppressed this and feel motivated now to share! I have thoughts as to why that is. I’ll explain more as I break you slowly into my “crazy”. Which is my affectionate term for a deeply spiritual faith based wholly outside of the box of religion as it currently stands.

        I also find it interesting that I’m on the opposite end of faith than you. I have suppressed nothing (that I’m aware of. Instead I had a mental breakdown last May and found undying devotion to a love that is beyond description (and I’m kind of good with words..heh). I am divinely guided in my learning and understanding. I feel like I’m a natural at something that should be completely foreign and beyond my comprehension.

        I think it’ll be amazing to hear a similar concept of faith from your perspective. As always having known what you believe as opposed to my own discovering new details and depths of my belief system with every passing minute.


      4. I originally worshiped in an evangelical Christian community. And I was “the real deal.” I ate, slept, and breathed my faith. I was at the church every time the door was open. I sincerely prayed for half hours at a time at the alter, led the youth, led a praise team. My state voted on an anti LGBT ammendment and my world turned upside down. Suddenly I was kicked out of ministry from my church. Every doubt I had ever tried to hide came flooding in. I attended a Methodist church for some time, which I still consider home, but ultimately the inconsistencies I found with what I felt in my soul and what I heard in the sermons drove me away from the faith. For a while, I was very antagonistic about it. I hated the Christian faith. I decided I wanted to be more inspired by faiths that pissed off by them so I became more open. Everything changed again when I started dating a passionate Christian. We have been dating for nearly a year now and he has taught me so much. I now identify as Unitarian Universalist and am particularly inspired by Christianity and Buddhism. I also am intrigued by Baha’i and Wicca and hope to learn more soon. That is the short history, lol.


      5. That is a very intriguing history and one I will be interested to get the specifics on. Rather than expand here, I’m going to incorporate my response into the conversation starter post of yours.

        Suffice it to say, I believe we have a lot to talk about!!


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